Who We Are

Gerrit Fleuren Ventures contributes to the development of aquaculture sub-sector in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, with focus on capturing the feed market with high-performance fish feed, sale of quality catfish seeds (including fingerling, juvenile) and table-size, sale of fishery equipment and facilities as well as providing general consultancy (which involves conducting feasibility studies and turning them into key projects) and management services.

Our target clients/customers are the fish farm owners and key operators in the sub-sector, who are in need of great products and services at a reasonable price along with excellent follow-up of after-sale services. These have been achievable by laying emphasis on human capital development which involves employing people, training and motivating them to share our vision, thereby making the network of the company spread within Nigeria and to the rest of Africa.

Because we are committed to the success and satisfaction of our customers, we share knowledge and consequently give sincere and honest advice while creating an effective feedback mechanism.

Our mission

  • Bring inspiration and innovation with passion and optimism to the aquaculture sub-sector in Africa.
  • Delivering high quality fishery products and unmatched services.


  • High-technology solutions for large and medium scale farmers serving the world.
  • Making African countries less dependent on fish importation, thereby strengthening the food sustainability of the region.
  • Achieve recognition by players in the aquaculture sub-sector as delivering the highest quality of fishery products and services.

Core Values

  • Appreciate individual differences, as well as respect our customers.
  • Work efficiently in an ethical manner and be a fast-moving organization.
  • Share knowledge with customers, and consequently give sincere and honest advice with an effective feedback mechanism.

How we work

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An accomplished and result-driven professional, with over 30 years of track record of success on international level in aquaculture, Willy Fleuren started his carrier in the Netherlands with focus on the Dutch Clarias. He … continue reading

how can we help you?

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I received very helpful Professional advice from Mr. Willy when setting up my fish farm. Great team! Thanks so much

COO, I&L Consults Ltd

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