Gerrit Fleuren Ventures Hatchery Launch In Abuja

Finally, Fish farmers in Abuja can now get quality, disease resistance Fingerling, following the completion of Gerrit Fleuren Ventures Uniquely constructed Hatchery. In a statement by the CEO, Mr Willy Fleuren, “I started fish farming in the Netherlands as far back as 1984, but I ventured into Nigeria since 2000. I have been farming for many people as a Consultant and as a Farmer. I also have my own hatchery and am very proud of it because the concept is a bit different from what many people do. 

I built a complete Hatchery out of Aluminium sheets. The reason I have done that is to keep an optimal temperature in the farm. My mission is to make fish farming in Nigeria affordable and more economically feasible for everybody”.

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Gerrit Fleuren Ventures Hatchery Launch

The schedule for the official launch of  the Hatchery is as follows:

Date: 9th June, 2018

Time: 11am – 4pm.

Sessions: 11am – 12noon  |  1pm – 2pm |  3pm – 4pm

Venue: Kuje

Call the Manager Mr. Francis for directions on 090 319 11855.


Are you a fish farmer? Do you need to build a Hatchery? Or perhaps you plan becoming a fish farmer. Call us today to find out to get answers and the most professional consultancy service.

Gerrit Fleuren Ventures contributes to the development of aquaculture sub-sector in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, with focus on capturing the feed market with high-performance fish feed, sale of quality catfish seeds and table-size, sale of fishery equipment and facilities, general consultancy and management services.

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  • Kofo Obatolu

    i would need a full guide on fish farming business in Nigeria Abuja new start up,
    first small project then expand, would like to contact someone in your establishment to talk me through.

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