Fish Farm Design & Construction

Our team of highly proficient engineers are committed to designing and building fish farms using high technology solutions for both medium and large-scale farmers. And this accounts for high success rates our clients enjoy in their fish farming business.

At Gerrit Fleuren Ventures, we are conscious of the fact that the the design and construction of a fish farm determines how much success or failure a farmer will experience. Hence, we build in accordance with carefully researched methods that ensures easy adaptation of fishes, effective farm management and durability.

Our topmost priority is to see that your project succeeds.

So be it a turnkey project or one that you want built according to your specifications, we have a committed team that will deliver just the way you want.

We construct Ponds (earthen and lined or Concrete Ponds), Hatchery House and Set it up and even farm houses for workers.

how can we help you?

Contact us at our office nearest to you or you can send us inquiry online.

I received very helpful Professional advice from Mr. Willy when setting up my fish farm. Great team! Thanks so much

COO, I&L Consults Ltd