African Catfish Farmer’s Handbook by Willy Fleuren

Driven by the desire to improve the results of Fish farmers, Mr Willy Fleuren the CEO of Gerrit Fleuren Ventures Ltd recently announced that he has written a book title “African Catfish Farmer’s Handbook“.


African Catfish Farmer's Handbook
African Catfish Farmer’s Handbook

The book covers a lot! Some of the major topics includes:

  •  – Reasons for failure in fish farms
  •  – Biology of catfish
  •  – The available sources of water
  •  – Fish culture systems
  •  – Material choice in fish farms – sizes and shapes
  •  – Setting up of a fish farm
  •  – Feed and feeding
  •  – Reproduction of Catfish
  •  – Fish diseases and how to manage them
  •  – Fish farm management
  •  – Marketing of Catfish
  •  – Economics of Catfish farming
  •  – Integrated farming

and even more.

In today’s world of Fish farming, ” the key to success is doing it right always, not cutting corners” Mr Willy Fleuren says. He bares his thoughts and shares over 30 years experience of building /installing of Hatcheries (Re-circulatory Aquaculture Systems), Grow-out system and Fish farm management both Africa and other parts of the world. 

This legacy edition of African Catfish Farmer’s Handbook is priceless gift for the present and the future generation of fish farmers and also for the students of aquaculture and fisheries all over the world. Willy, exemplifies different techniques of doing profitable fish farming and management.



About The Author of African Catfish Farmer’s Handbook

Mr. Willy Fleuren & Son

Mr Willy Fleuren, started fish farming in the Netherlands as far back as 1984. He ventured into Nigeria in 2000 and has been farming for many people in different parts of Africa and the world as a Consultant and Farmer. He Owns his own Fish Farm in Abuja – Nigeria. His style and approach to fish farming / management is a quite different from what many people do. Little wonder he is one of the most sorted after Fish farming consultant in Africa. 




Do you want to place an order for copies of the book  – African Catfish Farmer’s Handbook? Or you want to request Consultations with Mr Willy, feel free to email or call +2347035385382


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